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Skills available for Alberta grade 11 math curriculum

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11.1 Number

  • 11.1.A solve everyday home, community and workplace problems by applying arithmetic operations to whole numbers, decimals, common fractions, percents and integers.

  • 11.1.1 use estimation strategies to estimate and apply arithmetic operations to solve everyday problems, using:

    • whole numbers

    • integers (add/subtract only)

    • decimals

    • fractions

    • mixed numbers

    • percents

  • 11.1.2 estimate and round numbers and decimals, e.g., money, to the nearest unit, tenth and hundredth to solve problems in everyday contexts

  • 11.1.3 assess the reasonableness of applied calculations and problem-solving strategies, using a variety of tools and/or strategies; e.g., estimation, charts, graphs, calculators and/or computers

  • 11.1.4 identify and use appropriate tools, e.g., tables, charts, spreadsheets and calculators, to increase accuracy in everyday and/or work-related problem-solving situations

  • 11.1.5 create, use and modify a spreadsheet template for a variety of everyday contexts, including the determining of interest rates, vehicle payments, investments or budgets

  • 11.1.6 use a variety of methods and tools to convert fractional percents to decimal forms

  • 11.1.7 express rates and ratios in equivalent forms to solve problems in everyday contexts

  • 11.1.8 estimate unit costs and compare costs of everyday purchases

11.2 Patterns and Relations

11.3 Shape and Space

11.4 Statistics and Probability