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Skills available for Alberta grade 6 math curriculum

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  • Students analyze shapes through symmetry and congruence.

    • Verify symmetry of two shapes by reflecting or rotating one shape onto another.

    • Describe the symmetry between two shapes as reflection symmetry or rotation symmetry.

    • Visualize and describe a combination of two transformations that relate symmetrical shapes.

    • Describe the symmetry modelled in a tessellation.

    • Investigate tessellations found in objects, art, or architecture.

    • Demonstrate congruence between two shapes in any orientation by superimposing using hands-on materials or digital applications.

    • Describe symmetrical shapes as congruent.

Coordinate Geometry




  • Students investigate relative frequency using experimental data.

    • Interpret frequency of categorized data as relative frequency.

    • Express relative frequencies as decimals, fractions, or percentages.

    • Identify the possible outcomes of an experiment involving equally likely outcomes.

    • Collect categorized data through experiments.

    • Predict the likelihood of an event based on the possible outcomes of an experiment.

    • Determine relative frequency for categories of a sample of data.

    • Describe the likelihood of an outcome in an experiment using relative frequency.

    • Analyze relative frequency statistics from experiments with different sample sizes.