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Skills available for Nova Scotia grade 11 math curriculum

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11 Mental Math

  • 11.B1 know the multiplication and division facts

  • 11.B2 extend multiplication and division facts to products of tens, hundreds, and thousands by single-digit factors

  • 11.B3 estimate sums and differences

  • 11.B4 estimate products and quotients

  • 11.B5 mentally calculate 25%, 33 1/3%, 66 1/3% and of quantities compatible with these percents

  • 11.B6 estimate percents of quantities

11 Data Management

11 Banking

  • 11.A1 understand the various savings and investing alternatives commonly available

  • 11.A2 explore the concepts of risk tolerance vs. reward investing and demonstrate an understanding of how it changes during different life stages

  • 11.B7 calculate the cost of a loan using amortization tables

  • 11.B8 determine the cost of using credit, using technology

  • 11.C1 interpret data from amortization tables

  • 11.C2 explore the effects of parameter changes on the cost of borrowing money

  • 11.C3 determine the effects of compound interest on deposits made into savings accounts using technology

  • 11.C4 explore the growth of savings based on a variety of investment strategies ranging in amounts and time frames using technology

11 Housing

  • 11.A3 understand the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants

11 Measurement and Design

11 Taking a Trip

  • 11.A4 understand how to read a map

  • 11.B10 determine the expenses related to taking a trip (i.e., gasoline, accommodations, meals, etc.)

  • 11.B11 determine the distances using scales on a map

  • 11.B9 determine the cost associated with renting an apartment or buying a house