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Skills available for Nova Scotia grade 12 math curriculum

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12. Quadratics

12. Rate of Change

  • 12.B4 (optional) calculate average rates of change

  • 12.C16 interpret solutions to equations based on context

  • 12.C17 (optional) demonstrate an understanding of the concept of rate of change in a variety of situations

  • 12.C18 (optional) demonstrate an understanding that the slope of a line tangent to a curve is the instantaneous rate of change of the curve at the point of tangency

  • 12.C27 (optional) approximate and interpret slopes of tangents to curves at various points on the curves, with and without technology

  • 12.C28 explore and describe the dynamics of change depicted in tables and graphs

  • 12.C30 (optional) describe and apply rates of change by analysing graphs, equations, and descriptions of linear and quadratic functions

12. Exponential Growth

12. Circle Geometry

12. Probability