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Skills available for Nova Scotia kindergarten math curriculum

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K.N Number

K.PR Patterns and Relations

  • Patterns - Students will be expected to use patterns to describe the world and solve problems.

    • K.PR01 Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (two or three elements) by identifying, describing, reproducing, extending, and creating patterns using manipulatives, sounds, and actions.

      • K.PR01.01 Distinguish between repeating patterns and non-repeating sequences in a given set by identifying the part that repeats.

      • K.PR01.02 Reproduce a given repeating pattern and describe the pattern.

      • K.PR01.03 Extend a variety of given repeating patterns to two more repetitions.

      • K.PR01.04 Create a repeating pattern using manipulatives, musical instruments, or actions, and describe the pattern.

      • K.PR01.05 Identify and describe a repeating pattern containing two or three elements in its core in the classroom, the school, and outdoors.

K.M Measurement

K.G Geometry

  • 3-D Objects and 2-D Shapes - Students will be describe the characteristics of 3-D objects and 2-D shapes and analyze the relationships among them.