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Skills available for British Columbia grade 10 math curriculum

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10.A Students develop safe, secure, and accurate financial skills related to personal banking practices, wage determinations, and budget calculations.

  • 10.A1 design and use a spreadsheet to make and justify decisions

  • 10.A2 create a spreadsheet using various formatting options

  • 10.A3 use a spreadsheet template to solve problems

  • 10.A4 create a spreadsheet using formulas and functions

  • 10.A5 use a spreadsheet to answer "what-if" questions

  • 10.A6 identify where spreadsheets could be effectively used

  • 10.A7 name and describe various types of commonly used consumer bank accounts, including

    • 10.A7.1 value accounts

    • 10.A7.2 self-serve accounts

    • 10.A7.3 full-serve accounts

    • 10.A7.4 savings accounts

  • 10.A8 complete various banking forms, including

    • 10.A8.1 deposit slips

    • 10.A8.2 withdrawal slips

    • 10.A8.3 cheques

  • 10.A9 describe the use of a bank card for automated teller machines (ATMs) and debit payments

  • 10.A10 identify different types of bank service charges and their relative costs, including

    • 10.A10.1 monthly account fees

    • 10.A10.2 transaction charges

    • 10.A10.3 interest charges

  • 10.A11 reconcile statements, including chequebooks and electronic bank transactions with bank statements

  • 10.A12 calculate hours worked and gross pay

  • 10.A13 calculate net income using deduction tables (focus on weekly) with different pay periods

  • 10.A14 calculate changes in income

  • 10.A15 develop a budget that matches predicted income

10.B Students analyse a variety of factors that affect their decisions as consumers and make accurate calculations with respect to those decisions.

10.C Students estimate and measure dimensions, area, volume and mass using both Imperial and SI units and solve a variety of problems related to these measurements.

10.D Students become familiar with sampling methods and the collection and analysis of data for use in making predictions and suggestions for change.