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Skills available for Nova Scotia grade 6 math curriculum

Objectives are in black and IXL math skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practise that skill.

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6.A Students will demonstrate number sense and apply number theory concepts.

6.B Students will demonstrate operation sense and apply operation principles and procedures in both numeric and algebraic situations.

6.C Students will explore, recognize, represent, and apply patterns and relationships, both informally and formally.

6.D Students will demonstrate an understanding of and apply concepts and skills associated with measurement.

6.E Students will demonstrate spatial sense and apply geometric concepts, properties, and relationships.

  • 6.E1 describe and represent the various cross-sections of cones, cylinders, pyramids, and prisms

  • 6.E2 make and interpret orthographic drawings of 3-D shapes made with cubes

  • 6.E3 make and apply generalizations about the sum of the angles in triangles and quadrilaterals

  • 6.E4 make and apply generalizations about the diagonal properties of trapezoids, kites, parallelograms, and rhombi

  • 6.E5 sort the members of the quadrilateral "family" under property headings

  • 6.E6 recognize, name, describe, and represent similar figures

  • 6.E7 make generalizations about the planes of symmetry of 3-D shapes

  • 6.E8 make generalizations about the rotational symmetry property of all members of the quadrilateral "family" and of regular polygons

  • 6.E9 recognize and represent dilatation images of 2-D figures and make connections to similar figures

  • 6.E10 predict and represent the result of combining transformations

6.F Students will solve problems involving the collection, display, and analysis of data.

6.G Students will represent and solve problems involving uncertainty