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Skills available for Nova Scotia grade 12 math curriculum

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M Measurement

  • M.1 Develop spatial sense through direct and indirect measurement.

    • M.1.1 Demonstrate an understanding of the limitations of measuring instruments, including:

      • M.1.1.1 precision and solve problems.

      • M.1.1.2 accuracy and solve problems.

      • M.1.1.3 uncertainty and solve problems.

      • M.1.1.4 tolerance and solve problems.

G Geometry

N Number

A Algebra

S Statistics

  • S.1 Develop statistical reasoning.

    • S.1.1 Solve problems that involve measures of central tendency, including:

      • S.1.1.1 mean

      • S.1.1.2 median

      • S.1.1.3 mode

      • S.1.1.4 weighted mean

      • S.1.1.5 trimmed mean.

    • S.1.2 Analyze and describe percentiles.

P Probability