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Skills available for Newfoundland and Labrador grade 10 math curriculum

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Consumerism and Travel

  • Develop number sense and critical thinking skills.

    • 10.N1 Solve problems that involve unit pricing and currency exchange, using proportional reasoning.

      • 10.N1.1 Compare the unit price of two or more given items.

      • 10.N1.2 Compare, using examples, different sales promotion techniques; e.g., deli meat at $2 per 100 g seems less expensive than $20 per kilogram.

      • 10.N1.3 Solve problems that involve determining the best buy, and explain the choice in terms of the cost as well as other factors, such as quality and quantity.

      • 10.N1.4 Determine the percent increase or decrease for a given original and new price.

      • 10.N1.5 Explain the difference between the selling rate and purchasing rate for currency exchange.

      • 10.N1.6 Convert between Canadian currency and foreign currency using formulas, charts and tables.

      • 10.N1.7 Solve, using proportional reasoning, a contextual problem that involves currency exchange.

      • 10.N1.8 Explain how to estimate the cost of items in Canadian currency while in a foreign country, and explain why this might be important.

  • Develop spatial sense through direct and indirect measurement.

  • Develop spatial sense.

    • 10.G1 Analyze puzzles and games that involve spatial reasoning, using problem-solving strategies.

      • 10.G1.1 Determine, explain and verify a strategy to solve a puzzle or to win a game; e.g.,

        • 10.G1.1.a guess and check

        • 10.G1.1.b look for a pattern

        • 10.G1.1.c make a systematic list

        • 10.G1.1.d draw or model

        • 10.G1.1.e eliminate possibilities

        • 10.G1.1.f simplify the original problem

        • 10.G1.1.g work backward

        • 10.G1.1.h develop alternative approaches.

      • 10.G1.2 Identify and correct errors in a solution to a puzzle or in a strategy for winning a game.

      • 10.G1.3 Create a variation on a puzzle or a game, and describe a strategy for solving the puzzle or winning the game.

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