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Skills available for Ontario grade 9 math curriculum

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9.B Number

9.C Algebra

9.D Data

  • 9.D1 Collection, Representation, and Analysis of Data: describe the collection and use of data, and represent and analyse data involving one and two variables

  • 9.D2 Mathematical Modelling: apply the process of mathematical modelling, using data and mathematical concepts from other strands, to represent, analyse, make predictions, and provide insight into real-life situations

    • Application of Mathematical Modelling

      • 9.D2.1 describe the value of mathematical modelling and how it is used in real life to inform decisions

    • Process of Mathematical Modelling

9.E Geometry an Measurement

9.F Financial Literacy

  • 9.F1 Financial Decisions: demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to make informed financial decisions

    • Financial Decisions

      • 9.F1.1 identify a past or current financial situation and explain how it can inform financial decisions, by applying an understanding of the context of the situation and related mathematical knowledge

      • 9.F1.2 identify financial situations that involve appreciation and depreciation, and use associated graphs to answer related questions

      • 9.F1.3 compare the effects that different interest rates, lengths of borrowing time, ways in which interest is calculated, and amounts of down payments have on the overall costs associated with purchasing goods or services, using appropriate tools

      • 9.F1.4 modify budgets displayed in various ways to reflect specific changes in circumstances, and provide a rationale for the modifications