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Skills available for Ontario grade 7 math curriculum

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7.B Number

7.C Algebra

7.D Data

7.E Spatial Sense

7.F Financial Literacy

  • 7.F1 Money and Finances

    • Money Concepts

      • 7.F1.1 identify and compare exchange rates, and convert foreign currencies to Canadian dollars and vice versa

    • Financial Management

      • 7.F1.2 identify and describe various reliable sources of information that can help with planning for and reaching a financial goal

      • 7.F1.3 create, track, and adjust sample budgets designed to meet longer-term financial goals for various scenarios

      • 7.F1.4 identify various societal and personal factors that may influence financial decision making, and describe the effects that each might have

    • Consumer and Civic Awareness

      • 7.F1.5 explain how interest rates can impact savings, investments, and the cost of borrowing to pay for goods and services over time

      • 7.F1.6 compare interest rates and fees for different accounts and loans offered by various financial institutions, and determine the best option for different scenarios