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Skills available for Ontario grade 8 math curriculum

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8.B Number

8.C Algebra

8.D Data

8.E Spatial Sense

8.F Financial Literacy

  • 8.F1 Money and Finances

    • Money Concepts

      • 8.F1.1 describe some advantages and disadvantages of various methods of payment that can be used when dealing with multiple currencies and exchange rates

    • Financial Management

      • 8.F1.2 create a financial plan to reach a long-term financial goal, accounting for income, expenses, and tax implications

      • 8.F1.3 identify different ways to maintain a balanced budget, and use appropriate tools to track all income and spending, for several different scenarios

      • 8.F1.4 determine the growth of simple and compound interest at various rates using digital tools, and explain the impact interest has on long-term financial planning

    • Consumer and Civic Awareness

      • 8.F1.5 compare various ways for consumers to get more value for their money when spending, including taking advantage of sales and customer loyalty and incentive programs, and determine the best choice for different scenarios

      • 8.F1.6 compare interest rates, annual fees, and rewards and other incentives offered by various credit card companies and consumer contracts to determine the best value and the best choice for different scenarios