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Skills available for Alberta grade 7 English language arts curriculum

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2 Comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts

3 Manage ideas and information

  • 3.1 Plan and Focus

    • Focus attention

      • consider audience, purpose, point of view and form when focusing topics for investigation

      • use note-taking, outlining or representing to summarize important ideas and information in oral, print and other media texts

    • Determine information needs

      • discuss the types and sources of information appropriate for topic, audience, form, purpose and point of view

    • Plan to gather information

      • plan and organize data collection based on instructions, explanations and pre-established parameters

  • 3.2 Select and Process

    • Use a variety of sources

      • obtain information from a variety of sources, such as adults, peers, advertisements, magazines, lyrics, formal interviews, almanacs, broadcasts and videos, to explore research questions

    • Access information

      • use a variety of tools and text features, such as headings, subheadings, topic sentences, summaries, staging and pacing, and highlighting, to access information

      • distinguish between fact and opinion, and follow the development of argument and opinion

      • scan to locate specific information quickly; summarize and record information useful for research purposes

    • Evaluate sources

      • use pre-established criteria to evaluate the usefulness of a variety of information sources in terms of their structure and purpose

  • 3.3 Organize, Record and Evaluate

  • 3.4 Share and Review

    • Share ideas and information

      • communicate ideas and information in a variety of oral, print and other media texts, such as reports, autobiographies, brochures and video presentations

      • use appropriate visual, print and/or other media effectively to inform and engage the audience

    • Review research process

      • identify strengths and areas for improvement in personal research skills

4 Enhance the clarity and artistry of communication