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Skills available for Nova Scotia grade 8 English language arts curriculum

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4 select, read, and view with understanding a range of literature, information, media, and visual texts

5 interpret, select, and combine information using a variety of strategies, resources, and technologies

  • 5.1 access appropriate print and non-print sources with increasing independence and select information to meet specific needs with increasing speed, accuracy, and confidence

  • 5.2 experiment with and rely upon a range of print and non-print (e-mail, CD-ROMs) sources for accessing and selecting information

  • 5.3 employ various relevant research strategies like generating questions, drafting an outline, or interviewing peers to determine what questions they would like answered by their research

6 respond personally to a range of texts

  • 6.1 elaborate personal reactions to what is read and viewed by providing some extended explanations, examples, and supporting arguments

  • 6.2 state personal points of view about what is read and viewed and justify views with increasing regularity

  • 6.3 with increasing confidence and flexibility, find evidence in texts to support personal claims and viewpoints about issues, themes, and situations

7 respond critically to a range of texts, applying their understanding of language, form, and genre

  • 7.1 recognize that texts need to be assessed for bias and broaden their understanding and awareness of the ways in which print and media texts can be biased; begin to question and think critically about the relevance and reliability of information when answering questions and inquiries

  • 7.2 identify the various features and elements writers use when writing for specific readers for specific purposes; describe how texts are organized to accommodate particular readers' needs and to contribute to meaning and effect

  • 7.3 expand on earlier abilities to respond critically to a range of texts in various ways

    • understand how personal knowledge, ideas, values, perceptions, and points of view influence how writers create texts

    • recognize how and when personal background influences meaning construction, understanding, and textual response

    • describe how cultures and reality are portrayed in media texts