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Skills available for Northwest Territories grade 10 math curriculum

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N Number

PR Patterns and Relations

  • PR.A express and use patterns, variables and expressions, including those used in business and industry, with graphs to solve problems at home, in the community and in the workplace.

  • PR.1 identify, describe and draw conclusions about patterns and relationships, in oral and written form, in nature and everyday contexts

  • PR.2 create expressions, make predictions and develop rules to describe, complete and extend patterns and relationships in everyday contexts

  • PR.3 distinguish between the use of variables and constants in everyday situations

  • PR.4 graph relationships using everyday home, community and workplace contexts and draw conclusions using patterns and relationships

  • PR.B use variables and equations to express, summarize and apply relationships as problem-solving tools in a restricted range of contexts.

  • PR.5 use variables, formulas and/or substitutions to solve problems in practical situations

  • PR.6 substitute numbers for variables in expressions and graph and examine the relationship

SS Shape and Space

SP Statistics and Probability

  • SP.A develop and implement a plan for the collection, display and examination of data and information, using technology and other strategies as required.

  • SP.1 predict, interpret, make comparisons and communicate information from graphs, tables, charts and other sources at home and in the workplace

  • SP.2 recognize the uses of data and data collection and display tools in life- and work-related situations

  • SP.3 record information and organize files and directories, using computers and/or other tools

  • SP.4 examine a plan for collecting and processing information and modify as appropriate for everyday situations