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Skills available for Quebec grade 3 math curriculum

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3.A Arithmetic

3.G Geometry

3.M Measurement

3.S Statistics

3.P Probability

  • 3.P.1 When applicable, recognizes variability in possible outcomes (uncertainty)

  • 3.P.2 When applicable, recognizes equiprobability (e.g. quantity, symmetry of an object [cube])

  • 3.P.3 When applicable, becomes aware of the independence of events in an experiment

  • 3.P.4 Experiments with activities involving chance, using various objects (e.g. spinners, rectangular prisms, glasses, marbles, thumb tacks, 6-, 8- or 12-sided dice)

  • 3.P.5 Predicts qualitatively an outcome or several events using a probability line, among other things

  • 3.P.6 Distinguishes between prediction and outcome

  • 3.P.7 Uses tables or diagrams to collect and display the outcomes of an experiment

  • 3.P.8 Enumerates possible outcomes of

    • 3.P.8.b a random experiment, using a table, a tree diagram

  • 3.P.9 Compares qualitatively the theoretical or experimental probability of events

  • 3.P.13 Simulates random experiments with or without the use of technology