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Skills available for Northwest Territories grade 8 English language arts curriculum

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2 Students will listen, speak, read, write, view, and represent to comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print, and other media texts.

3 Students will listen, speak, read, write, view, and represent to manage ideas and information.

  • 3.1 Plan and Focus

    • determine personal knowledge of a topic to generate possible areas of inquiry or research

    • formulate relevant main and subordinate questions on a topic to establish a purpose for gathering information

    • contribute ideas, knowledge, and strategies to help identify group information needs and sources

    • prepare and use a plan to access, gather, and record in own words relevant information

  • 3.2 Select and Process

    • access, record, and appraise personal and peer knowledge and understanding of a topic to establish an information base for inquiry or research

    • distinguish between fact and opinion when inquiring or researching using a variety of information sources [such as artifacts, debates, forums, biographies, autobiographies...]

    • develop and use criteria for evaluating information sources for a particular inquiry or research plan

    • recall, expand, and use a variety of skills [including visual and auditory] to access information and ideas from a variety of sources [such as subtitles, marginal notes and key words, electronic searches, previews and reviews, visual effects, sound effects...]

    • construct meaning from oral, print, and other media texts using direct statements, implied meaning, and inferences; adjust reading and viewing rates according to purpose, topic, density of information, and organizational patterns of texts

  • 3.3 Organize, Record, and Evaluate

4 Students will listen, speak, read, write, view, and represent to enhance the clarity and artistry of communication.