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Skills available for Manitoba grade 9 English language arts curriculum

IXL's grade 9 skills will be aligned to the Manitoba Curriculum soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of grade 9 objectives below.

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4 Students will listen, speak, read, write, view, and represent to enhance the clarity and artistry of communication.

  • 4.1 Generate and Focus

    • use a variety of techniques to generate and select ideas for oral, written, and visual texts

    • adapt specific forms [such as book and film reviews, editorials, multimedia presentations, newscasts, letters, essays, poetry, myths, prose...] to match content, audience, and purpose

    • identify and use a variety of organizational patterns [such as flashbacks, cause and effect, comparison and contrast, problem and solution...] in own oral, written, and visual texts; use effective transitions

  • 4.2 Enhance and Improve

    • share and discuss particular qualities of samples from own collection of work; accept and provide constructive suggestions for revising own and others' work and presentations

    • review previous draft and revise to refine communication and enhance self-expression

    • format for legibility and use word processing effectively and efficiently when composing and revising; use electronic design elements to combine print and visuals

    • experiment with a variety of sentence patterns and figurative language; use supporting details when revising to enhance clarity and artistry

    • prepare compositions, presentations, reports, essays, and inquiry or research projects in a meaningful order and with adequate detail for audience understanding

  • 4.3 Attend to Conventions

    • edit for parallel structure, use of transitional devices, and clarity

    • know and apply a repertoire of spelling conventions when editing and proofreading; use a variety of resources when editing and proofreading

    • know and apply capitalization and punctuation conventions in dialogues, quotations, footnotes, endnotes, and references when editing and proofreading

  • 4.4 Present and Share

    • plan and conduct peer-involved class activities to share individual inquiry or research and understanding on a topic

    • choose vocabulary, voice production factors, and non-verbal cues to communicate effectively to a variety of audiences; use a variety of media and display techniques to enhance the effectiveness of oral presentations

    • demonstrate critical listening and viewing skills and strategies [such as following the train of thought, noting main points and details, evaluating presentation techniques...] and show respect for presenter(s)