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Skills available for British Columbia grade 12 math curriculum

IXL's grade 12 skills will be aligned to the British Columbia Learning Outcomes soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of grade 12 objectives below.

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12.A Students identify the types and functions of insurance, the preparation of a personal financial plan, the types of taxes imposed by different levels of government, and the costs associated with foreign purchasing and currency exchange.

  • 12.A1 solve problems involving different types of insurance, including

    • 12.A1.1 life

    • 12.A1.2 property

  • 12.A2 determine the costs involved in purchasing a home, including

    • 12.A2.1 gross debt service ratio

    • 12.A2.2 payment options

    • 12.A2.3 insurance

    • 12.A2.4 additional fees

  • 12.A3 solve problems involving different types of mortgages, including

    • 12.A3.1 closed

    • 12.A3.2 open

    • 12.A3.3 fixed-rate

    • 12.A3.4 variable-rate

  • 12.A4 determine a financial plan to achieve personal goals

  • 12.A5 calculate net worth for an individual

  • 12.A6 describe different investment vehicles, including

    • 12.A6.1 GICs

    • 12.A6.2 bonds

    • 12.A6.3 mutual funds

    • 12.A6.4 stocks

    • 12.A6.5 real estate

    • 12.A6.6 RRSPs and RESPs

  • 12.A7 compare and contrast different investment vehicles in terms of

    • 12.A7.1 risk factors

    • 12.A7.2 rates of return

    • 12.A7.3 costs

    • 12.A7.4 lengths of term

  • 12.A8 investigate how to purchase and sell stocks

  • 12.A9 describe and calculate federal revenues, including

    • 12.A9.1 GST

    • 12.A9.2 excise tax

    • 12.A9.3 customs duties

  • 12.A10 describe and calculate federal government expenditures, including

    • 12.A10.1 social welfare benefits

    • 12.A10.2 health care

    • 12.A10.3 policing

    • 12.A10.4 armed forces

    • 12.A10.5 employee wages and salaries

  • 12.A11 describe and calculate provincial revenues, including

    • 12.A11.1 PST

    • 12.A11.2 corporation capital

    • 12.A11.3 licences

    • 12.A11.4 gasoline

  • 12.A12 describe and calculate provincial government expenditures, including

    • 12.A12.1 education funding

    • 12.A12.2 social services funding

    • 12.A12.3 employee wages and salaries

  • 12.A13 determine how selected municipal taxes are calculated

  • 12.A14 determine how municipalities allocate funds

12.B Students examine different types of variations using tables, graphs, and formulas to solve problems related to the data being compared.

  • 12.B1 plot and analyse examples of direct variation, partial variation, and inverse variation

  • 12.B2 given data, graph, or a situation, identify the type of variation represented

  • 12.B3 use formulas to solve problems

12.C Students explore the components of design and measurement to create and interpret different views and determine the cost of the construction of an object.

  • 12.C1 analyse objects shown in "exploded" format

  • 12.C2 draw objects in "exploded" format

  • 12.C3 solve problems involving estimation and cost of materials for building an object when a design is given

  • 12.C4 design an object within a specified budget