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Skills available for British Columbia grade 10 math curriculum

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10.A Students demonstrate an understanding of and proficiency with calculations, including making decisions concerning which arithmetic operation or operations to use, to solve a problem and then solve the problem.

10.B Students use algebraic and graphical models to generalize patterns, make predictions, and solve problems.

10.C Students describe and compare everyday phenomena, using either direct or indirect measurement, describe the characteristics of 3-D objects and 2-D shapes, and analyse the relationships among them.

10.D Students collect, display, and analyse data to make predictions about a population.

  • 10.D1 determine the equation of a line of best fit, using

  • 10.D2 use a calculator to determine the correlation coefficient (r) of a data set

  • 10.D3 interpret the correlation coefficient (r) and its limitations for varying problem situations, using relevant scatter plots

  • 10.D4 apply line-fitting and correlation techniques to analyse experimental results