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Skills available for British Columbia grade 6 English language arts curriculum

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Reading and Viewing

  • Students explain how form/genre, function of text, 'text features', literary elements, non-fiction elements, literary devices, and idiomatic expressions can contribute to the meaning of texts.

    • B11 explain how structures and features of text work to develop meaning, including form, function, and genre of text (e.g., brochure about smoking to inform students; genre is persuasive), 'text features' (e.g., copyright, table of contents, headings, index, glossary, diagrams, sidebars, hyperlinks, pull-quotes), literary elements (e.g., characterization, mood, viewpoint, foreshadowing, conflict, protagonist, antagonist, theme), non-fiction elements (e.g., topic sentence, development of ideas with supporting details, central idea), literary devices (e.g., imagery, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor), idiomatic expressions