Curriculum alignment

All of IXL's dynamic math practice skills are aligned to provincial curricula, making it easy to find the right skills to practise. IXL assesses your students' performance on each objective instantly, so you will have all the information you need to prepare them for standardized testing. Simply select your province to view your provincial curriculum and start practising.

Curriculum reporting

IXL members receive exclusive access to IXL's provincial curriculum reports. These comprehensive reports cover everything you need to know about your students' readiness for their standardized tests, including:

  • A breakdown of the IXL skills that comprise each objective, and how your students are progressing on each.
  • A score that predicts how your class would perform on each of your province's objectives.
  • A trouble spots report which identifies objectives your students need to review.
  • Summaries of the objectives your students have practised, and those they haven't started yet.
  • Suggestions for skills your students should practise in order to raise their test scores.
  • One-click access to detailed data for each skill, showing time practised, problems answered and more.

In addition to generating these reports for your class as a whole, you can view this information for each individual student to help identify his or her personal trouble spots.

Parents also have access to curriculum reporting, so that working toward achievement goals can be both an in-school and at-home endeavour.

If you already have an IXL account, sign in to view your provincial curriculum progress.