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Assess knowledge and identify gaps

IXL's Real-Time Diagnostic evaluates student knowledge in as little as 45 minutes, and gives you personalized action plans to help you close gaps for each individual learner.

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Choose your skill plan

IXL skill plans provide the exact skills you need to reinforce concepts from textbooks and provincial curriculum.

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Assign skills to students

Easily assign skills to individual students or classes using our Suggested Skills feature!

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Learn with the IXL app

IXL's mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, Android phones and Kindle Fire are perfect for learning anywhere, anytime.

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Goal-setting with the IXL SmartScore

Get to know the IXL SmartScore and how you can use it to set meaningful goals for your students.

Get students started

Share this resource guide with students to help them get up and running on IXL!

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Real-Time Diagnostic

Ready to use the Real-Time Diagnostic with your students? Show them how it works with this guide!

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Communicate with parents

Share these resources with parents to give them an overview of IXL and show how they can support learning at home.

IXL Analytics guide for parents

Help parents stay in the loop on what their child has been working on! This guide shows them easy ways to check their child's progress and see what they might need help with.

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Real-Time Diagnostic guide for parents

Show families how to use the Real-Time Diagnostic to assess their child's learning in three easy steps.

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