IXL improvement reporting

Information at your fingertips

IXL assesses your students' understanding as they practise and generates detailed performance reports to give you valuable insight about your students' abilities. With a single click, you can view any of IXL's 37 reports, which include data on grade-level proficiency, trouble spots and even progress toward meeting provincial curriculum objectives.

Meaningful performance tracking

IXL's reports are designed to give you the information you need to help your students reach their potential. With IXL, you can identify a student's strengths and pinpoint trouble spots, view improvement over time and measure progress based on length of practice time. You can even view the actual problems a student missed and the answers he or she submitted.

Set goals and keep students on-task

With IXL's reporting suite tracking your students' work, it's easy to set practice goals for your students—or even assign IXL practice as homework. You have quick access to your students' usage information, so you'll know when assignments are completed, as well as how your students are performing.

Celebrate student progress

As your students master skills, they collect ribbons, medals and other virtual prizes that keep them motivated as they practise. IXL even features a special report dedicated to highlighting student milestones, where you can print out personalized certificates and post them proudly on the wall.

To start tracking student performance and progress, join IXL today! Your students will get immediate access to unlimited practice, and your reporting suite will display results as soon as they start practising.