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IXL supports personalized learning in a wide range of classrooms and schools. See how educators have successfully implemented IXL for intervention, enrichment, standards preparation and more.

Elementary school

Bridging the Achievement Gap in 4th Grade Math
After implementing IXL Math in her classroom to close skill gaps, New Jersey teacher Nicole Gregory saw a dramatic improvement in student performance on the PARCC assessment.
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Mastering the Multi-Grade Classroom with IXL
South Dakota teacher Karla Rupp uses IXL Math and Language Arts in her mixed-grade classroom to effectively differentiate instruction and cover key concepts across three grade levels.
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Moving Beyond the Standard Curriculum with IXL Math
2nd grade teacher Scott Mayes uses IXL Math to give his students extra support in math and expose them to concepts not yet covered in their standardized Michigan curriculum.
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Response to Intervention (RTI) Made Easy with IXL
Wisconsin teacher Alyece West embraces IXL Math and Language arts in her 3rd grade classroom for RTI, individual math practice and whole-class instruction.
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Getting the Most Out of Independent Learning
5th grade teacher Travis Fisher uses IXL Math and Language arts to help his students challenge themselves academically and prepare for high-stakes testing in New Mexico.
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IXL Math in the Data-Driven Classroom
For 5th grade teacher Lisa Ivy, IXL Analytics gives her the data she needs to monitor student progress, keep her administrators informed and make better instructional decisions in her Virginia classroom.
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A District-Wide Approach to Personalized Learning
When Distinctive Schools, a district in Illinois and Minnesota, implemented the Common Core State Standards, IXL helped with the transition while empowering teachers and meeting individual student needs.
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Middle school

Intensive Math Students Exceed Growth Targets with IXL
Intensive Math teacher Risa Byrd found that daily IXL Math usage was the key to filling in skill gaps and significantly improving student performance on the Florida State Assessment.
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Achieving Measurable Learning Results by Building a Love of Math
After educators at Walworth Jt. School District #1 implemented IXL Math in their classrooms, students achieved record-high growth on the district’s fall and spring benchmark tests.
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Challenging Every Student with IXL Math and Language Arts
6th grade teacher Katrina Musco uses IXL Math and Language arts in her California classroom to ensure that her students are supported with practice and instruction at the right level.
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Building Confidence in Language Arts and Social Studies
South Carolina teacher Kathy Dizon found that IXL Language arts and IXL Social studies were the keys to accelerating academic achievement and boosting motivation for her inner city 6th grade class.
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IXL Powers over 150 Percent Growth on MAP Benchmark Assessment
Middle school math teacher Chris Luebke brought IXL Math to his Wisconsin classroom to supplement his curriculum and address the varied needs of his students—and saw strong results.
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IXL: A Time-Saver "Worth Its Weight in Gold"
7th and 8th grade science and math teacher Weldon Rinn uses IXL Math to incorporate more technology in his Manitoba, Canada classroom and make it easier to differentiate instruction.
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Building Grammar Back into the Curriculum with IXL
Since implementing IXL Language arts in his California classroom, language arts and social studies teacher John Davenport has noted a marked improvement in his 8th grade students' writing skills.
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IXL Science in the Flipped Classroom
8th grade science teacher Nancy Foote relies on IXL Science to quickly identify misconceptions and target her students' individual needs in her Arizona classroom.
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High school

Helping Special Ed Students Soar with IXL
IXL is helping Special Education teacher Annette Lutes address a wide variety of educational needs while simplifying planning, data collection, and classroom management.
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Bringing Excitement to the Common Core
IXL Math brought the Common Core State Standards to life for Algebra I teacher Jacqui Lewis and her students—and brought new energy to her Mississippi classroom.
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Algebra for All—With Help from IXL
Algebra I teacher Tammy Rhymer uses IXL Math in her Ohio classroom to help differentiate instruction for students who have a wide range of math skills.
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Linking School and Home Learning With IXL
Algebra and geometry teacher Quincy Vander Molen uses IXL Math in her Washington classroom to help her students build mastery and fluency at home—and help her monitor their progress.
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Addressing the Grammar Skill Gap
English teacher Amanda Hurley uses IXL Language arts in her Colorado classroom to help her 11th grade students brush up on their skills and take their writing to the next level.
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