IXL Professional Learning

IXL's team of experts is here to help you achieve your goals from the district to the school to the classroom. We offer highly engaging professional learning experiences and flexible delivery options to meet the needs of any district.

On-site experiences

IXL's on-site professional learning experiences are designed to empower teachers with in-depth knowledge about IXL and practical strategies for using the platform to improve learning every day.

Choose from one of the following formats:


This 6-hour session is highly interactive and provides teachers with everything they need to implement IXL successfully. Includes time for Q&A, planning, and guided discussion.


Each of these two 3-hour sessions gives teachers an introduction to key features of IXL and offers strategies for classroom implementation.

Train the trainer

This 6-hour session prepares your trainers to deliver effective IXL professional development. Includes practice time and resources to support for future IXL trainings in your district.

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eLearning Library

The IXL eLearning Library offers on-demand professional learning for your teachers all year long. With more than 40 modules on every essential feature of IXL, teachers can get the information they need, the minute it's needed. Every module is delivered by an IXL professional learning specialist and includes key instructional strategies to support effective implementation of IXL.

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Virtual sessions

IXL's virtual professional learning sessions are a convenient way to help your teachers get the most out of IXL.

The following 90-minute virtual sessions are available:

Foundations I

Covers strategies for using the Real-Time Diagnostic and the IXL Curriculum

Foundations II

Provides a deep-dive into the IXL Curriculum and IXL Analytics


Offers best practices for using IXL to support Literacy, Algebra Readiness, RTI and more

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District Success Packages

Our District Success Packages are designed to ensure successful IXL implementation with a combination of consultation and professional learning services.

IXL District Success Packages include:

  • District launch consultation
  • On-site professional learning sessions
  • Strategy session with site leaders
  • Data review meetings
  • Access to the IXL eLearning Library
  • and more!
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About our team

IXL's Professional Learning Group is made up of educators, instructional coaches, and school leaders who are passionate about teaching and learning.

Our specialists have decades of combined experience in elementary and secondary education and offer a diverse range of specialties, including literacy, mathematics, intervention, special education, blended learning, competency-based education, data-driven instruction, and curriculum development.

IXL's professional learning specialists are experts at designing and delivering professional learning experiences that empower teachers to enhance their instruction and help every student reach their potential.

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