District Partnerships

IXL's Professional Learning Services team is committed to working with school and district leaders to support improved instructional impact and increased student achievement.

Through IXL's District Partnership Services, our skilled leaders and practitioners work side by side with administrators and teachers on individually crafted professional development plans. To ensure effective implementation of IXL, our team focuses on building teacher capacity with a rigorous schedule of ongoing training and support, including regular data analysis and partnership services.

Services include

  • Customizing benchmark data analysis and data review sessions through monthly planning meetings
  • Utilizing IXL's flexible implementation models to support blended learning configurations
  • Using data from student, class, and/or school reports to inform instruction and intervention
  • Assessing student needs and differentiating and adapting instruction
  • Reinforcing and adapting initial professional development action plans and goals
  • Increasing readiness and success on high-stakes assessments through the IXL instructional routine
  • Addressing challenges and intervention needs
  • Building teacher leadership capacity through a train-the-trainers model
  • Effectively prioritizing ongoing professional development
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