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How do I earn certificates and awards?

By working on skills! You can earn certificates and awards for many types of achievement on IXL. From mastery of a specific number of skills to time spent practising to completing a certain number of questions, there’s a variety of opportunities for all levels and abilities to earn prizes.

To check out your personalized certificates and math and English language arts awards, click on your Awards tab in Learning.

Personalized certificates are awarded for reaching IXL milestones involving the number of questions practised, amount of time spent practising and number of skills with excellent scores. You can find your certificates in the Certificates centre on the Awards tab. They can also be emailed to you! To get your certificates by email, select the Receive weekly summary emails check box in your Profile & settings, and verify your email address.

If you are a math student, you can click on Math awards on the Awards tab to go to your own personal game board. Each grade level has its own world to explore, from a winter wonderland to outer space; the more challenges you conquer, the more you can uncover! Hold your mouse over a question mark square to see what challenges are ready for you to tackle. To reveal your prizes, click on the glowing stars!

If you are an English language student, you can click on Language arts awards on the Awards tab to view your unique prizes. There are special collections that you can work toward by completing various achievements. Watch your collection of balloon animals expand or your nesting doll collection stack up as you answer your hundredth question or master ten skills! For every achievement level you meet, you’ll collect another item. Click on the star to unveil your new prize!