Core curriculum

Tracking student growth with IXL reports

Ashley Cook
3rd grade teacher
Legacy Academy

Ashley, a 3rd grade teacher at Legacy Academy, has been using IXL for the past two academic years and is making the most of the program with her students. Regarding her use of IXL this year, Ashley tells us, "I really target the strands that I assign to reinforce what we are learning in class." Integrating IXL into her curriculum has allowed Ashley to utilize the teacher reports to drive instruction. She says, "I love using IXL in my classroom because it individually tracks student growth and areas of need."

Ashley encourages her students to monitor their own achievement using individual charts that allow them to see, at a glance, the skills they have mastered. When her students have mastered a skill, Ashley knows that they are experts on the material because "the topics are covered in more than one way, so students always gain a full understanding."

How would Ashley sum up her experience with IXL? "The immediate feedback, reports, and standards make IXL a necessary tool for every classroom." We're so glad that IXL is helping Ashley address each of her students' academic needs!

Using IXL for class instruction and homework

Kelly Petersen
5th grade teacher
Manistee Catholic Central

IXL has been integrated directly into classroom instruction and review in Kelly Petersen's 3rd–5th grade classes. Kelly assigns 2–4 skills per week and when students arrive at school on Monday they jump right in: "We review the weekly IXL skills to practice as a class. We have a Mimio in the classroom, which allows students to click on the answer on the whiteboard. If the answer involves typing, they can type in their responses on the classroom computer." All students take part in the group practice and have the opportunity to ask questions about the work they did at home the week before.

Kelly has extended the use of IXL to summer practice to keep her students sharp on the critical topics from the previous grade level. Kelly tells us that she "sends home summer IXL skills for students to revisit and refresh their skills." She chooses skills that will best prepare them for returning to school in the fall. We're sure parents and students alike appreciate how ready the incoming 4th–6th grade students are to begin the new academic year!