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There's no limit to what you can accomplish on IXL, especially now that calculus has arrived! With our carefully crafted skills, students will dive in to limits, continuity, derivatives and more. Even the toughest concepts are within reach—we break down complex topics into manageable pieces, and detailed explanations help students learn from their mistakes and get back on the road to mastery. Next, stay tuned for new math content, including more exciting calculus skills!

English language arts

Grade 1 and grade 7 through grade 12 English language arts are here! Young students will develop an early curiosity about language, while older students will hone their reading and writing abilities through more rigorous content. To keep them motivated, we've added English language arts awards for grade 2 through grade 8! As students practise, they can collect whimsical prizes from badges to balloon animals to nesting dolls. Next, stay tuned for more English language arts skills—we're hard at work on more grade levels, including junior kindergarten and kindergarten!

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